Gadaladeniya Temple - Kandy

Gadaladeniya  Temple is located at Pilimathalawa, Kandy. Gadaladeniaya Temple was build by king Wickramabahu in 1344 during the Gampola Kingdom time. There are four pagodas (Dageba) you can see here and the main Dageba is covered with a roof. There are four small shrine rooms around it with small dageba located top of each. The Boo tree is located in front of the dageba and there is a old inscription located by it. In the main shrine room has a large Buddha statue. This temple has some features of the south Indian architecture.
Faded paintings from around that time provide many clues as to the manner in which the temple was built. The art is South Indian, so the general belief is that the workers were also brought down from abroad. The chief architect of this temple had been a South Indian called Ganesvarachari. Therefore, this temple is essentially a South Indian design. 

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