Thuparamaya Temple - Anuradapura

This is the first stupa to be built in Sri Lanka,  is believed to enshrine the collarbone Relic of the Buddha sent from India by Emperor Asoka after Anuradhapura converted to Buddhism. The Thuparama Stupa built by King Dewanampiyatissa,  located in the heart of Anuradhapura.

We can imagine that there might be a colonnade which covered the stupa in a circular area which is also known as ‘Vata Dage ‘as the columns are still remaining around the Stupa. It was rewamped by the King Aggrabodhi the second who ruled around the 7th centuary.

This Chetiya was built in the shape of a heap of paddy enshrining the collarbone of the Buddha but the present shape has been changed to a 'bell' shape with the renovation in 1862 AD. Thuparamaya was destroyed and rebuilt from time to time with the current monument being rebuilt in 1862 AD.

Thuparamaya is surrounded by a granite compound and 2 rows of stone pillars round the dagoba. The stone columns around the dagoba were once supporting a ring shaped roof structure of Thuparamaya.
In 7th century BC, Thuparamaya stupa was rich with gold and silver decorations, bricks and doors. The dagoba was then plundered by the south Indian Tamil, who took away all its gold and treasures. Thuparamaya stupa was later renovated by King Mahinda IV, who re-installed the golden casings and doors. There was another attack on Thuparamaya stupa by south Indian Tamil, who completely plundered the complex of its valuables.

Here you can see medicinal stone troughs which were used to cure sicknesses like ‘snake bitings’ through medicinal baths which were enriched with medicinal potions. This way of treatment is a fast way of absorbing the herbal medicines to the whole body simply commits to heal the body and mind. The name Thuparamaya is a residential complex for Bhikkhus.

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